I Will Solve Your Problems and Help You With Your Goals

Are you struggling to teach yourself from YouTube?
Do you want music lessons for your children?

Are you able to play a few songs but don't understand what you are doing?

Are you frustrated at your lack of progress?
Are you unsure what it is you should be practising?
Do you wish you could write your own songs?

Do you wish you could play in a band?
Do you lack the confidence to be able to play infront of others?

Are you not getting results with your current guitar teacher?

You don't need to struggle on your own, I am here to help!

Learning to play guitar by yourself can be hard. Really hard. Have you spent hours, days practising a riff or a song and it still doesn't sound right? Learning those first few songs all the way through can seem like an insurmountable challenge. Music theory, tabs, song charts can seem like a complete foreign language. If you've completely mastered those objectives, are you able to apply what you know and play in time with other musicians?

I remember struggling with these things when I was learning how to play. I was once at the beginner level, struggling to learn how to play basic chords. Then I struggled to be able to play barre chords. It took me years to be able to play my first song! Once I'd managed that, I struggled to play in time with other musicians in my first band, I struggled to write music... I remember what it felt like to continuously struggle playing guitar.

But it doesn't need to be this way for you.

At Uxbridge Guitar Lessons, we solve your guitar problems. We specialise in taking your frustrations, your struggles, the things that stand in the way of you being able to play the way you've always dreamed of playing; and we make them go away. You can learn with other people who share your frustrations and work as a team, together, to improve your playing, and to take your ability to the levels you've always wanted.



Benefits of Learning with Uxbridge Guitar Lessons

    Lessons are customized towards your goals, so that whether you want to learn folk songs or shred, you are learning what you need to learn.

    You will be given a structured approach to learning, so that you learn the right things at the right time, without being overwhelmed.

    You will not just learn new things, but you will be trained to become a better guitar player.

    You will be able to study in a unique learning format. I have created a unique format for classes that ensure you progress quickly and consistently towards your goals, while also being highly flexible so you can fit classes around your busy lifestyle.

    Learn with other guitar players. In classes, you will be learning with other guitar players who are facing similar challenges to you.

    Learn how to play in time and how to communicate with other musicians.

    You get the opportunity to be part of and to contribute to a positive, enthusiastic and encouraging guitar based community, where we work together and help each other reach greater heights of playing.

    You will get the options to study theory, focus on your technique, learn songs, learn how to write songs, and get guidance on which choices are best for you.

    You will be trained on how to properly practice the guitar, so your practice time outside of classes is as effective as we can possibly make it.

    When you learn a new concept, you will be trained on how to apply it on the guitar.

    You will have confidence that you are studying the right things, at the right time, and that you are practising them the right way. You will no longer have to guess at what you should be learning!

    You will have the support to confidently tackle long term learning objectives.

    You will learn in a fun and friendly environment.

    You will learn proven methods and techniques for overcoming challenges and barriers that you face in your guitar playing.

    You will learn to realise your full potential with the guitar.

    30 day money back guarantee - practice what you are told to, when you are told to, and don't improve, you get your money back. Offering this is very easy as I've never had anyone use it :)

Continuous support: All my students are able to contact me during the week outside of lesson time to ask me questions or ask for advice on what they are doing.

Student Spotlight: Andy

"I have not had guitar lessons since I was a fairly young child and I was put off, mainly by the content, which I found really boring and therefore tended not to practise enough. My view has changed a lot since my lessons with Sam as I find the content much more interesting and relevant and I have therefore found practise is not a chore at all."

"In a relatively short space of time I have found big improvements in quite a few areas. My picking technique was poor but has improved quickly after trying the excercises recommended by Sam. I also have a good understanding of some scales now and how to improvise over chord progressions using these scales."

"I think my favorite thing about the lessons is playing and improvising in the group lessons, which by the way, I was absolutely dreading, but Sam puts everyone at ease and there’s no problem if you make mistakes, which we all do, but also we all play some pretty good stuff too and quickly feel more comfortable playing in front of other people."

"I would recommend Sam to guitarists of all levels and abilities, not just beginners (I have been playing for 9 years) as they will see very fast improvements in their playing and also have a good time into the bargain."

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So how will I help you solve your problems?

At Uxbridge Guitar Lessons, I take the utmost care to make sure learning guitar is as straight forward and enjoyable as is possible. After your trial lesson, your teacher will construct a long term strategy to help you reach your goals as quickly as possible. I will then track your progress each week on file, to make sure each lesson is helping you progress and in line with your long term strategy. At your lessons, you will get sheets and notes that have been prepared using professional software to make concepts, charts and diagrams clear and simple to understand. You will not only be taught different songs, new chords, scales and techniques; but you will also be taught how to apply these new abilities and how to integrate them into your playing. As part of your ongoing training on the guitar, I will also look at how you can integrate these different areas together - for example, you might be able to play a great guitar solo, but can you seemlessly switch between playing lead and rhythm?

For those who are complete beginners or just starting out on the guitar, I will take you step by step through the process of learning to play the guitar. You will receive guidance and feedback on your technique, how to play things correctly, how to practice properly at home. You will also be in a supportive environment with other beginners sharing the same challenges as you, so you will not feel alone with your challenges :)

For those who are at a more intermediate level, I can help you learn how to teach yourself. Guitar lessons shouldn't be about learning a 'bunch of stuff', but understanding how it all fits together musically. I will teach you how you can teach yourself songs, how to go about analysing your own playing so you can help yourself break barriers and further your technique. After learning my approach to learning scales, you will be able to teach yourself to play lead guitar, write songs and improvise in any scale you want.

For those that want to push the limit of their ability, I can help you with advanced techniques such as directional picking (this is different to economy and alternate picking), sweep picking, tapping and being able to smoothly transition between these techniques, as-well as learn the music theory concepts to be able to apply these techniques.

Student Spotlight: Deborah

"I took a beginner's guitar course back in 2000/2001 but always felt I was floundering around and never totally understood what we were doing... I came away not feeling that I had learnt anything at all and totally unmotivated...the whole thing put me off pursuing guitar lessons any further."

"My perception has completely changed! With a teacher who is not only interested in teaching but quite passionate about it, who understands their pupils needs and in a small class, the experience is completely different.

"...I enjoy all of it, even when it's something I'm not very good at!"

"... age is no barrier to learning if you have a good teacher!"

"In 2000/2001, I did a course consisting of 20 x 2 hour classes. I have learned and retained more in the 4 face-to-face classes with Sam than in the entire 20 class course."

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Student spotlight: Sally

“I had been learning guitar from books and the internet for a few weeks prior to looking into lessons. I had reached the point of learning chords and was finding it difficult to progress...”

I have since learned that I improve at a much faster rate with the lessons, that there are so many opportunities and ways to learn that I had not considered…”

“… the lessons are a great deal of fun and it is only on reflection that I notice how much I have learned as at the time I am busy enjoying myself.

“Sam is awesome, just tell him what you want and he will make it happen. Flexible lesson times can be scheduled around work and other commitments and Sam will also respond to e-mail queries if you have questions or get stuck at other times during the week.”

…having been in lessons only a few months I have improved and continue to gain additional skills every week at a rate far beyond that which I had hoped for.

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