1. You want to learn to learn as fast as possible

There are loads of different ways you can learn how to play guitar, in fact, it has never been so easy to find books, tabs, YouTube, DVDs and websites all explaining various different songs, techniques and licks you can learn on the guitar. But they all have the same drawback – they only explain things once… and they don’t explain them specifically for you.

By having a teacher, you have someone who can explain things in a way that you will understand them. You have a teacher who understands how you think and is able to explain things in several different ways until you understand what it is they are trying to teach you.


2. You get someone who is able to give you a map

Have you ever been driving somewhere and got lost? Or been stuck staring blankly at a bus map trying to work out which bus in which direction at what time it is you need to get? That is what it’s like trying to teach yourself guitar. There are so many different techniques, aspects of music theory, songs, chords, scales, arpeggios etc to learn, how do you choose what it is you should be learning next?

A better question would be, “How do you choose what to study next in order to move as quickly as possible towards your guitar related goals?”. Sure, you can choose subjects and topics at random, and eventually you will probably reach the level you want… but with a teacher who can provide guidance and experience of someone who already plays at the level you want to reach, you will be given the quickest and most efficient route to reaching your goals. A good teacher will provide you with the right material at the right time to move you one step closer towards your goals.


3. You get guidance on how to practice

Does this sound like your ‘practice’ time? You jam a few licks, maybe play to a backing track, play that one song you know all the way through over a couple of times, get bored, then put your guitar down?</br></br>Did you know that there are good and bad ways to practice. Did you know that a lot of the time that you spend on your guitar where you think you are practicing, actually is not practicing? By having a teacher, you get an expert you can consult on how you should be practicing while at home on your home. You get advice on what you should be practicing, when you should be practicing it, and how long you should be practicing for. Your progress will explode!



4. You can accomplish something you’ve always wanted to do

Learning anything yourself from scratch is hard. Really hard. Think about it – every major thing you’ve done throughout your life, you’ve had someone teach you, then ticked it off. You had help learning to talk. You had help learning to read. You had a whole array of people help you learn at school. You had someone teach you how to ride a bike, how to swim, how to drive. Someone trained you for your job.
Everytime you had an expert teach and train you, you achieved what it was you wanted – to be able to swim, to drive a car, to be paid for your career. Now, a lot of people have loved the idea of being able to play guitar – that’s why you’re reading this article. So why not have an expert guide you to reaching your guitar related goals as quickly as possible?


5. It’s not as hard as you think

As a teacher, as your teacher, it is my job to make learning guitar as straightforward and as fun as possible. A lot of people look at musicians, guitar players and songwriters thinking “Woah, they must have so much natural talent, I could never play like that.”. WRONG! You can play like that. You can write songs like that. You can achieve anything you can possibly imagine on the instrument. I will help you every step of the way. Email me today telling me what your goals are, and I will reply telling you what it is you need to know to reach those goals.