Are you looking for guitar lessons for your children? Then read our guide to choosing a guitar teacher

If you are looking for lessons for your children then you are going to want the best tutor you can find. But how do you choose a tutor, what criteria should you be examining?

Lesson Format
What type of lessons does a particular tutor use to teach? Most teachers will only offer one on one lessons (private lessons). Contrary to popular opinion, this is not the best way to teach your child. In fact, this type of education can even hold your child back. I know it held me back. I had private lessons for 4 years before I went to university. As soon as I got to university I went to join a band... and realised I was completely unable to play in time or listen to what other musicians were playing while I was playing, and why would I have these skills? These skills are vital for actually playing music with other people... and it took me 2 years to learn these skills.

Some teachers will offer 'cookie cutter' group lessons. If you are able to keep up and if everyone is at the same level, these can be ok. But everyone has to learn the same thing and nothing is personalised, so these also have drawbacks.

The best way around the limitations of these two models is to have a teaching system that incorporates elements of both - this gives you both the strengths and none of the weaknesses of either system, giving your child the best possible learning environment. Most teachers do not understand how to do this... but we do.

Continuity of Lessons
You will want a teacher that ensures continuity of lessons. At any level of learning guitar, keeping continuity between lessons is vital to ensure constant progression.

Having a Plan
Does your teacher have a long term plan based around your child's goals? Having goals and a plan to reach them ensures your child can progress as fast as possible to the level they want to reach.

Tracking Progress
By tracking your childs progress, your teacher will know what is the most appropriate skill/piece to teach your child at their next lesson. They will be able to quickly identify and address any problem areas.

What training has your teacher had in teaching guitar? How do they further their ability to teach? At Uxbridge Guitar Lessons, we actively study guitar pedagogy, take lessons with world renowned virtuosos and travel internationally to attend the best masterclasses in the world.

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Did you know that learning guitar can increase your childs IQ?

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How will we help you and your child?

Learning music is a great way to help your child get ahead in life. Learning to play the guitar can help improve their confidence, planning and self motivation. It is also fun and will give them a great social skill! At Uxbridge Guitar Lessons, we will teach your child not only how to play the guitar, but also how to be creative (yes, anyone can be musically creative... it is not a 'natural talent' that only some people have), practical music theory that they can apply, how to play in time with other musicians and how to communicate effectively on a musical level.

When teaching children, we start off from the most basic level possible, giving an overview of the guitar, how to find the different notes on the strings and how to play some simple melodies - we will get your child playing something from the very first lesson! After that we start to look at finger independence and how to play chords, different strumming patterns, chord changes and repertoire; guiding them through the process of learning how to play the guitar one step at a time. Your child will also learn how to read rhythm notation and timing.

We will build their knowledge and ability up to the level where they will be able to teach themselves songs on their own and even write their own songs. As your child becomes more advanced, they will move onto more complex chords (barre chords, inversions, creating chord variations), scales and improvisation, all the time being guided each step of the way.

If you want a fun activity to do with your children, why not learn to play guitar with them? You are welcome to take lessons with your children!

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